Vijana Choir

Vijana Choir involves youth singers in AICT Kizota Local Church, which was founded in 2012. This choir operates under AICT constitution with the core aim of proclaiming the Word of God to all persons through singing. Vijana Choir brings together talented young singers from church who expressed their desire in June, 2012 during the diocesan Youth Commemoration which was conducted at AICT Kizota. Following this occasion, the group operated sluggishly because the majority of members were occupied by different responsibilities. From 22nd to 28th October, 2012, the Youth Department facilitated a seminar of teaching lessons about spiritual, economic and social matters. On the closing day, they sang together and from that occasion they were motivated as a group to sing consecutively in church services and different occasions. A large number of youths attended this seminar even though some of them didn’t join the choir. At the beginning they sang hymns in Sunday church services. The choir started with 18 members namely: Mr. Samson Mahalu, Ms. Esther Sholla, Mr. Mika Evarist, Mr. Massami Rukiko, Ms. Angelina Michael, Ms. Dorcas Daniel, Ms. Mary Boniface, Ms. Deborah Miligo, Mr. Lameck Bahaye, Mr. Richard Bahaye, Ms. Juliana Duzu, Mrs. Witness Rukiko, Mr. Amos Mashenene, Mr. Daniel Ndaro, Ms. Esther Ndaro & Ms. Leah Ndaro.

Afterward, Mr. Enos Zilihona from AICT Unabii Choir joined this group and started teaching some songs and the choir managed to perform during Christmas time in 2012 with a total of 22 singers. At this moment the choir has 35 members. The choir master composes songs in collaboration with choir members. This choir has been an instrument to strengthen young people in church as they work together to proclaim the Gospel to the congregation and unreached people in the society. It has stimulated them to develop and improve their musical gifts. Young people experience singing in a choir at some point as an exposure to musical art. Vijana Choir provides an opportunity for young people to share the Gospel to different people within and outside the country for example on 01-12/08/2015 they went to Congo.
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