Church Projects

Hall Project

Church hall for renting

Nursery School

These are the projects conducted at AICT Kizota Local Church;

The church has established Information Communication Technology department. The department run a video shooting and production project to create employment to some youths in church. This department has developed a project proposal to expand the business. Please, visit our contact page and email us if you are interested to receive the ICT project proposal.

Our church has partinership with Compassion International (CI) for providing social, economic and political needs to vulnerable children as an entry point for conducting evangelism and creating employment.

The women group run an English medium nursery school to children from poor families who cannot afford the expenses of accessing quality education to reduce poverty in the congregation and the community.

Women Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) that provide education to women in running small enterprises including savings and loans to members.

Seminars and workshops for increasing the capacity of believers in launching and managing small projects for sustaining their livelihoods.