We invite you to come and meet our growing community and see what Jesus is doing right here in AICT Kizota Local Church. Kizota Local Church is one of the Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) congregations located in Dodoma which is the Capital City of the United Republic of Tanzania. As a congregation, we seek to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by providing warm fellowship and Bible teachings for everyone in the community. We believe in the concept of corporate gatherings where we worship and celebrate together weekly as a unified body. Each of our ministries supports people to create networks, provides the opportunity to connect and get involved together. We warmly welcome you to join us!

Our Vision
To become a church committed to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and offer holistic development to all persons.

Our Mission Statement
To teach and preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide both spiritual and physical services to all persons, based on the Biblical foundation, to enable them to worship God and improve their well-beings.

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