Imani Choir

Mrs Elizabeth Lifurilo singing in church at AICT Kizota

Imani Choir members

Imani Choir members after church service at AICT Kizota Dodoma

Imani Choir is a group of women singers which exists to organize them in worshiping God and proclaiming the Gospel through singing. The choir was established by the group of women in the congregation. These women sing in Sunday services and other church meetings. In the future, they are planning to record a Compact Disc (CD) and later to a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) as a way to share the Word of God to all persons. This choir has almost 20 members who are committed to serve the Lord through singing. These women are working hard to generate income for purchasing a keyboard/piano that will be used for composing music for their songs. The keyboard/piano will cost TZS 4,000,000 which is equivalent to USD 2,000. Pray for this women choir so that they will get funds to purchase a keyboard/piano as an instrument for worshiping our Almighty God.