About AICT Kizota Local Church

AICT Kizota Local Church history is traced back in the Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) which was established in 1909. The process of inaugurating AICT in Dodoma was initiated by Mr. Moses Komanya who shared this vision to members who were living in this city at that time. These believers enthusiastically adopted this vision and mobilized themselves to establish their denomination in the Capital City of Dodoma. Specifically, AICT Kizota Local Church was found in 1983 following the specific requests from believers to the arch bishop of the church headquarter. The bishop accepted this request and Rev. Nashoni Ng’hwahwa from AICT Magomeni, Dar-es-Salaam was assigned to implement the process. Since 1983, AICT Kizota Local Church has been able to plant three churches which are Ipagala and Ndachi in Dodoma including Manyoni in Singida region. However, after dissemination of the church headquarter in 1993 into five dioceses, AICT Kizota Local Church was allocated in Pwani Diocese.